Specific calculations

i tried to perform (without success) a specific calculation in order to cumulate the “Orgininal Estimated Hours” of several issues according to Released Date (grouped by month)… Any idea to perform this?

Currently, i am getting a table with the number of “issues with released date” according to the released date (and not according to created date)! Then, if i click on a cell to open the “drill through issue”, i correctly get the list of desired issues!
now, I would like to “sum” the Original Estimated Hours of each issue contained in each line of my table (or the sum of the “original estimated hours” of each issues i can see when i click on the "drill through issue of my cells).

here is a representation of what i want (it the second columns which is a problem for me):

          Issues with Released date            Sum Original Hours

jan_________________1___________________________________________ 46
… … …

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Hello @clement_dd_64

Welcome to eazyBI community!

Original estimated hours measure is related with issue creation date.

If you want to sum the hours based on a custom date, I recommend you reading this community post - Date in original estimated time by other date measure
This post will guide you through the steps to take to create a custom field using JavaScript code. After you import the field, it will create a measure “Original estimated hours with Released date”, and that measure will sum up all the hours based on your Released date.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any additional information.

Elita from support@eazybi.com

thanks very much