Specific date filter

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I have report, where are columns “created date”, “resolution date”, “accepted date”.
Dimmension “Time” is used for period filter (for example previous month “March”).
And we need to filtr only “accepted date”, but dimmension “Time” considers all time fields always (So the filtr for accepted tickets at March, shows not only accepted tickets, but also tickect which were created at that month or resolved or somehow updated).

Is there a way to set Time dimmension to work only with specific fields?

I hope I wrote it understandable.
Thank you very much for any answer.

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Create a user-defined measure that filters the custom field. For example, DateInPeriod([Dimension].CurrentHierarchyMember.Get(‘accepted date’), [Time].[Month].[March])

thank you for answer!

Do I understand it correctly, that this solution will fix the time for March? But I will not be allowed to set it dynamically any other month?

I need it to be the date a filterable, if it is possible.

Right now, dimension “Time”, when it is set for january 2019…It is showing issues, which have anything to do with january. But I need to show issues which were only created at january. (the first issue at picture was created at december, but closed at january).

I guess, I need to create new dimension for time. Specificly for created date, then dimension for resolved dates and so on, for separate filters.
Or if it is possible, create somehow members for dimension “Time”.

But I have no idea how.

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Hi Filip,

The solution for your report to filter the issue list by the Accepted date would require the import of this custom field as a measure. Please, check the documentation on that: https://docs.eazybi.com/eazybijira/data-import/custom-fields#CustomFields-Measureswithcustomdatefields.

After you import the accepted date as a measure, you should see the new measure “Issues with Accepted date” in the data cube. You need to add this measure to the report columns so that all the filters (including the Time) would work correctly in the report to filter the Issues by the Accepted date.

If you do not need to show this measure in the report columns, you can apply the filter “Issues with accepted date>0” to the report and remove the column. The filter will be still working even with the column removed from the report:

Janis, eazyBI support