Split comma separated members into columns on the same row

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In my table you see above, I want to divide the defect keys members into different columns in the same row. I don’t want the members to be separated by commas, but to be separated by columns on the same row.

*As an alternative solution, we can list the comma-separated members for defect keys in the same row and column as follows.

Defect Key 1: ADC-9632
Defect Key 2: ADC-8745
Defect Key 3: ADC-4821

How can I fix this problem?

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Splitting the comma lists from a table cell to separate columns is impossible.

The workaround for your use case is to implement a custom measure, assuming you have imported the defects as an issue links with the dimension option.

Please find here an example based on the Bugs dimension, which is the link from the issue to the bug:

  "Defect KEY "||CAST(Rank(
    ) as String 
  ||": "||[Bugs].CurrentHierarchyMember.KEY,

My report looked the following:

Janis, eazyBI support

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