Split the timeline in 2-weeks bunches


I have an 8 teams and each is working in own sprints. All sprints are synchronized in time and have a 2-weeks length each. We are gathering an information about root causes of the bugs and need to aggregate it basing on sprint in time. E.g.:
Team A has sprint A1 at the same time Team B has sprint B1, Team C has C1
Team A has sprint A2 at the same time Team B has sprint B2, Team C has C2
I want to show smth like:

Since I don’t have a good criteria for the sprint unification it’s ok just to show time periods:
Sep 1 2019 - Sep 15 2019
Sep15 2019 - Sep 29 2019
with aggregated info for all teams. How can I split the timeline in such 2-weeks bunches?

Hi @Valerii_Sverdlik

You may want to check out reports from eazyBI demo account where, instead of sprints on the X axis, dates when sprints were started, are displayed (if the sprints start times are synchronized on a day level, you will get nice even time periods): https://eazybi.com/accounts/1000/cubes/Issues/reports/185871-sprint-cycles-report-by-time

Also, specific Sprint measures are modified to retrieve values based on those sprint start dates rather than on sprint selection, check the report mesures for the pattern how to use Time dimension instead of Sprints there!

Ilze, support@eazybi.com