Sprint Burn down for closed sprints is not taking all closed stories

Hi Team,

Here is the report I am using.

Sprint 52 is closed and there are 27 points that are marked as done. But I see only 11 points in the table.

Also here I am able to see only issues that have resolution as Done or Fixed.

Issues that doesn’t have above resolution status are not visible in sprint burn down.
But they are visible when I select SprintIssuesCommitted.

So what we want is Distinct Story Points that are Marked Done in a date in the sprint. If any of the story is moved to InProgress from Done state we want to see negative number on that date.

Thanks in advance.

I used this now and it worked. Let me know if there is any better way
[Measures].[Story Points change],
[Transition Status.Category].[Done]

Hi @Sri_Kamal_Puvvada

See more on sprint scope measures that you would need to use in your report:

I believe you are looking for the measure “Sprint story points completed” in your report.

Here are some sprint report examples on our public demo account

I see you already found a code to calculate completed story points. Well done!

Martins / eazyBI

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