Sprint Dimension only showing data for Closed issues

Hi Team,

We’ve created one eazyBi report to show the issues with it’s story points. We want to see this report Sprint wise.

Hence, we’re putting Sprint Dimension in Pages to filter out the Sprint name. When we select any Sprint from drop down we get the data only for the issues which are closed.

We’ve verified many issues are there is that sprint which are not having the closed status and not visible in the report.

Can you please check it and let us know why “Sprint” dimension is showing only data for “Closed” status issues?

Thank you in advance.


Hi There,

Can you share a screenshot of your report? Specifically, we are interested in which measures/pages you are using for your report.


Hi @narendra_kumar_1995
For Story points analyze in completed sprints, consider using Sprint scope measures:

See here an example dashboard from eazyBI Demo account: Sprints Overview - Jira Demo - eazyBI

Gerda // support@eazyBI.com