Sprint does not load in eazyBI

Hi, I’m new to eazyBI.

I created a sprint in Jira, imported the data, checked all custom fields before importing and this sprint does not appear as an option to be manipulated in eazyBI.

Does anyone know what I could have done wrong or have a tip for me to check?

Is there any mandatory roadmap to follow when creating a sprint in Jira for eazyBI to recognize it?

The sprint is already in progress in Jira.

I appreciate any help.

Hi @Wanderson ,

The first question pops up in this situation - are there any issues assigned to that sprint?
If there are no issues in that sprint yet, sprint might not import into the data cube.

The next step to check is user access rights.
If the issues assigned to that sprint or the sprint itself are not visible to the user authorizing data import - there might be no data imported.

If the previous steps did not reveal the problem, another option is to check if sprint could have been created in another board.
You might do that by searching for the sprint by the sprint name.

If all previous steps did not lead to the solution - please write an e-mail to support@eazybi.com with as many details as possible and describe already performed checks.

Please include the following attachments - screenshot from Jira with sprint details, screenshot from eazyBI, report definition.

Kind regards,
Oskars / support@eazybi.com

Hi Oskars.

I didn’t understand what happened. It could be some custom field or some kind of attribute that is in Jira and I couldn’t identify it. And I don’t have easy access to investigate all configuration/administration possibilities in jira.

I say this because 2 days after I created and started the sprint (with issues already associated), it started showing up in eazyBI without me changing anything.

Anyway, thanks a lot for her help.