Sprint Goal property blank for Active Sprint

I have noticed that the Sprint Goal property is not populated for Active Sprints, only those that have been closed. Is this a known behaviour? Is there a way to show the active Sprint’s Sprint Goal value?

In this example, our Active Sprint is Sprint 13 and it has a goal within Jira…


We use the Sprint Goal and it shows for both Open and Closed sprints. We use the built in measure under Predefined\Agile named Sprint Goal which is defined as “[Sprint].CurrentHierarchyMember.get(‘Goal’)”.

Maybe try adding this measure and see what it shows. Might be different than All Properties. Good luck.

Thanks @Speedydgon . I used properties as a way to illustrate that it is unpopulated for our active Sprints, but I am using the built in Sprint Goal measure. Unfortunately I don’t get the same result as you.


We are currently using version 5.3.2

Hi @Ryan_Kent ,

I suspect the Sprint Goal was updated or changed after the Sprint was created and data imported into eazyBI.

eazyBI doesn’t track changes to the Sprint Goal or even Sprint name fields. To overcome this, run a re-import - Jira Issues Import - eazyBI for Jira.

This has been addressed in eazyBI for Jira 6.2.0 - Changelog - eazyBI for Jira. If you don’t want to run the occasional re-import, I suggest upgrading eazyBI.

Roberts // support@eazybi.com

Thanks for the reply @roberts.cacus.

Sprint Goal is not being changed post Sprint start and I have data import set to run every 10 mins.

This missing sprint goal behaviour has always been present for us for active sprints.

Once a Sprint closes, the value appears, but not while it is an active Sprint.

Hopefully an upgrade will help here.

Hi @Ryan_Kent ,

The issue is not tied with the Sprint start date. Up until eazyBI version 6.2.0, eazyBI won’t recognize Sprint goal field updates if that has been done after the Sprint was created and imported into eazyBI.


We upgraded to 6.3.0 and the issue has now been resolved.

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