Sprint Issue Balance report doesn't match Jira Sprint Report

I had downloaded a sample report ‘Sprint Issue Balance’ from EazyBi demo account (Sprint issue balance - Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI) and was validating the same by streaming data from our Jira server (without making any change to the measure / dimensions). I found the data output that was coming from EaziBi sprint issue balance report is not similar to that from the standard Jira Sprint report that I use to generate at the end of each sprint.

  1. EazyBi reports that the total number of sprint issues committed + sprint issues added (181) but this does not equal the Sprint issues removed + Sprint issues completed (168). Also the Sprint issues completed = 44 and Sprint issues removed = 124.
  2. Jira standard sprint report confirms that Sprint issues completed = 41 and Sprint issues removed =62 , total = 103

I would like the EazyBi sprint issue balance report to show the same data as the Jira Sprint report ( which you can view only at the end of the sprint). Please suggest what changes need to be made in the measure so that I can achieve the above result. If sprint issue balance can’t provide me with this result, please suggest another report that could help me achieve my goal.

Thank you very much! - best

Thank you! very much


We discussed this case directly via support emails.
In the report, the Assignee dimension was used to retrieve balance by teams. Sprint measures are based on issue change history, therefore, the assignee during each activity (committed, added, removed, at closing) is taken into account independently. Thus, if the user (team) was changed during the sprint, the balance can be changed.

The suggested solution was to create a new JavaScript custom field dimension “Current Assignee” that does not have historical user changes and then filter the balance report by the issue current assignee instead. Here is described how to do that: Pull Transitions by Current Assignee, not Assignee at Time of Transition

How assignee selection impacts sprint scope measures you may watch in the recording of the recent sprint webinar (starting from around 27:00): Sprint Reports with eazyBI - eazyBI

Ilze, support@eazybi.com