Sprint issues committed appears as null

I am creating a report for checking the % of completion of committed work with the formula of:

[Measures].[Sprint issues completed of committed]
[Measures].[Sprint issues committed]

That’s easy. However, I found that “Sprint issues committed” default formula appears as null and checking with the Sprint Report in JIRA, it can’t be because the Sprint was:
committed issues = 13
removed = 1
added = 4 (those with an asterisk)
completed = 10 (8 out 10 from the committed)

So, the formula should be:
completed= 8 / committed = 13

Why do I have these null values?

Hi @Nacho

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​Thanks for sharing the screenshot of your report. It looks like you are filtering the report by Current Quarter, but the issues committed to the particular sprint happened in previous Quarter. Can you try selecting anther Time period in the Time filter that would also include previous Quarter and see if the measure “Sprint issues committed” return any results for the particular sprint?

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Elita from support@eazybi.com

ey Elita!
yes! you are right Thanks for pointing out that, I didn’t take into account that dimension.

Really appreciated

No Time at the reports shows all the data

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