Sprint Point Wise categorization

I have requirement to display the Number of Sprints based on points.

For example:
1 - 0 point story (defect) was worked in the sprint
2 - 0.5 point stories were worked in the sprint
3 - 1 point stories were worked in the sprint
4 - 2 point story were worked in the sprint
2 - 3 point stories were worked in the sprint
3 - 5 point stories were worked in the sprint

There is 1 Story with 0 point in Sprint.
There is 2 Story with 0.5 point in Sprint.

So on and so forth…

Hi @ajain,

I was also interested by having this report so I gave it a try.

I believe I found a solution (although it might be a bit rudimentary and I’m sure there are also other ways to do it).

What I did is:

On Rows: add issue dimension
On Pages: add sprint
On Columns: add these defined measures:

Measure name: 1SP
[Measures].[Issue Story Points] = 1

Measure name: 2SP
[Measures].[Issue Story Points] = 2

Measure name: 13 SP
[Measures].[Issue Story Points] = 13

This works for us as Story Points for us are only numbers from the Fibonacci modified series.

Select these user defined measures and add total for rows if you prefer.

I then preferred to display it as PIE type.


The best solution for this would be to import Story points as a dimension. By default Story Points cannot be imported as a dimension, to change this you should apply some advanced settings in eazyBI.

Go to advanced settings and add following settings for Story Points custom field:

dimension = true

, where NNNNN is a custom field “Story Points” ID in Jira.

Then, go to import options and select custom field “Story Points” to import as a dimension.

You can use this new Story point dimension together with ‘Issues created’ measure to see how many issues are in each Story point group. Or other measures, e.g. ‘Hours spent’ to see how many Hours are logged for each size Story point issues.

Please let me know if you have further questions regarding this!
Lauma / support@eazybi.com


Thanks so much @lauma.cirule. The solution works perfectly.

Here is the final output

There is one issue though, I don’t have any label on Y-Axis, How to get that?

Great to hear!

You can add Titles to the Axes by selecting Axes options in the top menu (next to Hide empty and Vertical selections).

Kind regards,
Lauma / support@eazybi.com

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