Sprint started Story points not matching Jira data

Hi all,

I’m having an issue with a dashboard, in that the ‘Sprint Story Points Committed’ value is not the number of story points at the time the sprint was started. If a story changes points mid sprint, this is the figure reported.

I need to know if my team committed to 10 story points when the sprint started, and this point value increased to 12 mid sprint - I need to report on the 10 value.

Is anyone able to help please?

Hi @JenDavison

Measure “Sprints Story Points committed” is a snapshot of the situation at the moment when the sprint was activated (started), so, it should show the number of points (10 points in your case) at sprint start, regardless of how the points were changed later. See more about sprint scope measures.

Would you mind sharing more information (screenshots and some comparison with Jira) so I can help you to find out why you do not see the numbers you would expect? Probably, it would be more convenient via support@eazybi.com

Ilze, support@eazybi.com