Sprint Story Points Committed and other "Agile" Measure not available

Trying to create reports for Sprint Velocity just like the demo (https://eazybi.com/accounts/1000/cubes/Issues/reports/61946-sprint-velocity-chart) but measures for “Sprint Story Points Committed”, “Running Story Point velocity for last 5 sprints”, and other “Agile” measures are not available.

Was set up and working previously until a colleague messed with Source Data settings from Jira, now I cant get it back. What are the specific Source Data settings that create these measures?

Wanted to add that 'Import Issue Change History" was set to on during the last few imports

I’m also in the same situation, except that I never had it working to begin with. I was referencing the same demo project. I can only get some data back for the current sprint only, everything else is empty. Below is the result I get.

Hi, @Roy_Stiles and @jsn852

To import all Sprint measures, you need to check the following in the import settings General tab:

  1. select at least one Software project
  2. select Sprint as a dimension and Story points field as a measure
  3. select “Issue change history

Run data import.

Try opening Sample Jira Software reports first. Sometimes, in custom reports, contradictional Page selection can lead to empty value cells.

If after selecting all the mentioned you still do not have all measures or they are empty, please, contact support@eazybi.com


Hello Ilze, I have tried all of the above and still do not get the Story Points committed or Resolved fields. Insteads I get the Sprint issues committed, resolved instead.