Sprint Story Points committed doesn't match Jira Report

Hi All,

I’m having issues with the “Sprint Story Points committed” measure. In the example below, I’ve 5 story Points that were spillover from Sprint 87 to Sprint 88 but don’t reflect in EazyBI measure. Looking at the Jira report, it’s ok.

In Sprint 87 it was committed 18 Story Points and added 1 story of 1 Story Point (completed at the end). In the end, it was completed 14 Story Points and 5 Story Points were spillover to Sprint 88.
Looking at the eazyBI, the 5 Story Point story, was considered just for sprint 88, but It should be considered for sprint 87 too, as it was properly committed.

Jira Report

Hi, @regis.carvalho

Thank you for waiting patiently. We had eazyBI Community days, and the team was involved.

The measure Sprint Story Points committed is the total of Story Points from issues assigned to a selected sprint when the sprint started. Story points are counted from issues, whether there were completed or not at the start of the sprint.

The measure of Sprint Story Points completed is the total of Story Points from sprint issues completed when the sprint was closed. Issue story points are treated as completed if the issue was Done (Done status category) at the sprint completion moment.

Please read more about these two and much more other sprint scope measures here: Jira Software custom fields

Also, there is a training video on this topic. Training videos on specific topics

The best way to debug this is to choose our DEMO report: Sprint report - Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI

Export and import report definition and see if the Story Points were added to the issue before the sprint started or after.

You can always reach us with specific cases at support@eazybi.com

Ilze support@eazybi.com

Hi @ilze.mezite

Thanks for your reply. I’m facing issues with the Sprint Story points committed. Reading the documentation and checking for examples in eazyBI samples, this is exactly what I need, but when I try to use it in my reports (in my company’s EazyBI), I see that the spillover story points are migrated from one sprint to another one.

For the Sprint 10 the squad has committed 4 stories and each story has 5 Story Points, this means that the Sprint 10 has 20 committed story points. At the end of the Sprint 10, 3 stories are completed and 1 story spillover to the Sprint 11, so I should see this results in the reports:

Sprint 10
Committed Story Points: 20
Completed Story Points: 15

But actually, I’m seeing this result:
Sprint 10
Committed Story Points: 15
Completed Story Points: 15

Sprint 11
Committed Story Points: 5

After opening the Sprint 11 the spillover stories are removed from the latest Sprint closed.

Is there any configuration that could impact to face this wrong behavior?

Hi, @regis.carvalho

I missed your reply! Sorry for not answering sooner.

Please check if the Story Points history and Issue change history are imported. See the picture for the reference:
Story Points “Import value changes.”

Issue Change history:

Measure “Sprint Story Points committed” - measure displays the total of Story Points from issues assigned to a selected sprint at the time when the sprint was started. Story points are counted from issues, whether completed or not at the start of the sprint.

If the Story was correctly added to the sprint, stories SP should be under “Sprint Story Points committed”.

If the problem persists, please contact our support team: support@eazybi.com

Please send to the support the Issues JSON for the Issue that is not correctly counted in eazyBI.
Open the issue in Jira and modify the URL, replacing browse with rest/api/latest/issue and then add ?expand=changelog at the end of the URL. Save the JSON results of the issue as a file and send it to the support team.

Ilze support@eazybi.com