Sprint story points committed measure doesnt include the story points added after sprint started

Hi there,

I am trying to create a report and new to measures, i am trying to combine the story points committed and added to a single measure, but it doesnt work. As i need to show the total story points in the sprint. Could someone help or is there the predefined measure already.

In jira velocity report there is a option called final committed story points, i want something similar


Hi @princearul,

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You can define a new calculated measure and add both measures you are interested in. With eazyBI calculated measures, you can perform arithmetic operations. So, for example, to add the two measures you are interested in, use the formula below:

[Measures].[Sprint Story Points committed]
[Measures].[Sprint Story Points added]

Once you have created your new calculated measure, you will find it under the “User defined” section.

Please see more details on the eazyBI documentation page - Calculated measures.

Roberts // support@eazybi.com