Sprint Story Points Completed - EazyBI versus Jira Sprint Reports

When we compare the EazyBI data to Jira sprint reports, we are seeing a difference in the “Sprint Story Points completed” metric, while the “committed” metric matches exactly… What might be some reasons why these are different and how to I check? (and/or are there formulas for matching Jira exactly?)

Hi @echozulu

I’ll post the same initial message as in our email thread so that others with the same questions can also read the explanation :raised_hands:

Your observations are correct - sometimes, data in eazyBI and Jira are different because of the approach of how data are calculated. eazyBI imports issue information, not pre-calculated report data from Jira reports.

Let me explain how eazyBI calculates those measures.

Measure "Sprint Story points committed " sums up story points assigned to a sprint at the moment when the sprint was started (button [Start sprint] was pushed). This value includes Story points in all statuses, also resolved before the sprint was started.
Committed points can’t be changed by removing/adding issues later or changing story point values: committed points value is a snapshot of that exact time moment.

Measure "Sprint Story points completed " sums up story points from completed issues at the sprint completion moment. Issue story points are treated as completed if the issue was in one of the status category Done statuses at sprint completion moment. The board configuration (a column mapping to statuses) is not taken into account for this measure.
Therefore, if your sprint board configuration is different (the last swim line in the board - Completed - contains issues in other statuses, not those from Done category), you may create your own calculated member, where you use your statuses instead of category Done:

    [Transition Status].[STATUS_NAME1],
    [Transition Status].[STATUS_NAME2]
  [Measures].[Sprint Story Points at closing]

I suggest comparing committed issue lists from both eazyBI and Jira and finding issues with differences. Check their change logs for when those issues were added to sprints, when story points were added or changed, etc.
The same goes for completed - the status of completed issues at the closing moment of the sprint should give you a clue.

You can read more on how eazyBI handles Sprint Scope measures here in our documentation: Jira Software custom fields