Sprint Velocity Report Stacked for Multiple Sprints


We are looking at creating a velocity report for a program level (which has multiple teams) where it will show points completed and committed across the program and not per team/sprint.

I can do a total view on a table however what I was looking at is showing a graph view similar to how a regular velocity report is shown except in our case we would want to combine all sprints into monthly reporting or quarterly.

Hi, @davor.fisher

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To create the program’s velocity report, I suggest summing up measures “Sprint Story Points committed” and “Sprint Story Points completed” for the closed sprints in the wanted period (monthly, quarterly).

The formula for “Story points Committed in period” would look something like this:

    DateInPeriod([Measures].[Sprint end date],
     AND [Sprint].CurrentMember.get('Status')="Closed"
  ([Measures].[Sprint Story Points committed],