Sprint velocity report

I have created a velocity report (committed vs completed) and its being used for a couple months now.
Out of blue, for last sprint its not considering any sprint story points that were not closed on last day of the sprint.
I drilled down into the report and found the theory mentioned above.

After little more research, the missing points are captured by one of the calculated measures whose formula is:
([Measures].[Story Points created], [Time].DefaultMember)

I couldnt figure out what does “Story Points created” will filter out.

Please help.


Please find more about Jira software custom fields here:

Story Points created , Story Points resolved , Story Points due to get total story points from, respectively, all issues, resolved issues or unresolved issues. Story Points with due date counts story points from issues with due date. If closing statuses are defined in the account, then Story Points closed measure is also created to get total story points from closed issues. When value changes are imported as well for the Story points field, then Story Points changes is available.

Perhaps, you could try using a measure “Sprint Story Points at closing” to find Total of Story Points from sprint issues at the moment when the sprint was closed.

You could also find our velocity chart example on the demo account:

Martins / eazyBI support