SQL Import and Simple Report Issues

Sorry, if this question has been asked before, I have searched for answers, but maybe not the best at searching. The issue I am having is probably due to how new I am to Eazi BI. I can easily and quickly create reports for my Jira integration, but I would like to integrate some other systems we have as well and report off of them.

I am currently having two issues, that probably are related to how I am importing the data. I have read the all the documentation on it, but I think something isn’t “clicking” in my brain.

  1. When I import some data and try to create a simple report, the report outputs what looks like a 1 to many relationship. Here is the import I am attempting. 3 rows are imported.

But when I try to create a simple report off of them, the results are strange. Why are all assignees appearing on all projects, when the imported data shows only 1 assignee per project?

  1. Also, how do I get the Due Date to appear in the table. The best I can do is get them to appear as a dimmension or within the column headers.

Since I can only add one image per post, I will try to add the results in a second post.


Here are the report results.


  1. The measure Days Until Done seems imported correctly. Once you join several dimensions in the report, that creates a full join, including the empty rows. That correctly reflects your data and you can apply the Nonempty (recommended) or Hide empty options to show only those joins that have the value of the measure:

  1. If you wish to show the date field as a separate column in your report, you have to import this data as a property to any of those dimensions created in your data mapping screen. Let me show a small example of a similar configuration, where I wanted to create the Issue dimension and added some dates to them:

Janis, eazyBI support