Stacked Bar Chart For Roll-Up of Stories into New Feature Issue Type in Jira

Hello - I am in the midst of trying to create a report/dashboard view in EazyBI (And subsequently Jira) that can be used to track the overall number of user stories linked to the “New feature” issue type in Jira, with the slices being based off of issue status (not started, in progress, done, etc). Does anyone have any examples of how they created a similar report? I’m quite new to EazyBi so haven’t found anything just yet. Thanks!

Hi, @tfitzgerald

By default, issue links are not imported into eazyBI as issues could be linked quite freely and each link most likely has different business meaning. But you can import issues links into eazyBI. For example, you may import Linked New Feature as a new dimension.
Please see the documentation how to do it and for some examples.

When linked New Features are imported, then you may use this dimension Linked New Feature on rows and measure Issues created on columns to get a count of issues linked to some New Feature. Use dimension Issue Type on pages to filter only Stories and dimension Status on columns to split stories by their status.

Zane /