Start date of sub-task as start date of Epic

Hi, I have list of all epics and all epics have three sub-tasks, showing the start date and due date for different phase of development(Dev, SIT,UAT).
I want to create a report where I can show these dates at epic level in bar chart along with story points resolved so far(defined at story level under Epic).

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @arihantjn20,

For your report, you might want to use Issue dimension with Epic hierarchy to represent individual epics.

To retrieve and show the start and the due dates of Dev, SIT, and UAT subtasks at the epic level. Create a new calculated measure in Measures for each date - it would be calculated measures to show dates as each of three phases (Dev, SIT, UAT) have two dates (start and due).
The expression to get a sub-task date might look like this:

    --get issues matching subtak keys assigned to epic issue
    [Issue].[Issue].GetMembersByKeys([Measures].[Issue sub-task keys]),
    /*set filtering criteria to identify a subtask representing phase Dev, SIT or UAT. 
    In this example is used issue type for each pahse*/
    [Measures].[Issue type] = "Dev" AND
    --sub-task has due date
    NOT IsEmpty([Issue].CurrentMember.Get('Due date'))
  --get the due date of the Dev sub-task
  ).Item(0).Get('Due date'),
"mmm dd yyyy")

The given expression contains a filtering criterion to identify sub-task representing each phase. The example above has validation by issue type (assuming there are separate issue types for each phase), but, in your case, it might be some other issue property.

The next step is to get the accumulated value of Story Point value on a certain date. For example, to get accumulated SP resolved on the date when the Dev phase is due, you might want to aggregate “Story Points resolved” for all the past periods till Dev due date. The expression might look like this:

  --all periods till due date
    [Time].[Day].DateMember([Measures].[Dev phase due date])
  --acumulate value for resolved SP
  [Measures].[Story Points resolved]

Zane /

Woah, looks so simple and logical. Thanks for your help.

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