Status & transition

Hello dear team,

I have a question regarding transition and status. Let’s say I want issues that have not changed the status ‘Open’ in last 3 weeks.

For the time: I will use the ‘Time’ dimension and I can add a filter like Time > 3 weeks ago.

For the status: I will have under ‘pages’ the dimension ‘status’ used to filter issues with status ‘Open’
And then, I add also under ‘pages’ the dimension ‘transition’ and then filter issues with status ‘Open => Open’ or “=> Open” or both meaning “=> Open, Open => Open” ?

With the dimension ‘Transition’ we have values ‘Status A => Status B’ .
Does dimension ‘Status’ under pages with status = Open corresponds to ‘Status A’ e.g. ‘Open’ => Status B or does it correspond to ‘Status B’ e.g. Status A => ‘Open’ ?

Is my approach correct with the dimensions or is there another better alternative?

Thanks and best regards

Hi @Bodi,
There is a difference between “Transition” and “Status”. If you filter issues by “Status” dimension value “Open,” then you will filter all issues that currently are in this status. But the dimension “Transition” contains all historical transitions that the issues have gone through in the past.
See more about issue change history measures and dimensions here: Import issue change history

If you wish to filter issues that haven’t been updated more than 3 weeks ago, you can either add in the Issue dimension in Rows and filter issues by property “Issue status updated date”:

Or you can create a calculated measure that checks issues that have been updated in a period greater than 3 weeks (21 days):

Descendants([Issue].CurrentMember, [Issue].[Issue]),
-- for unresolved issues only
isEmpty([Measures].[Issue resolution date]) and
-- set period
[Measures].[Issue status updated date],
) > 21 and
[Measures].[Issues created] > 0

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