Status vs Transition Status


I’m trying to understand the difference between the ‘Status’ and ‘Transition Status’ dimensions.
I’m never sure which one I should use and I can’t find a clear definition of both.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me clarify this.

[Status] is the dimension for reporting the current status of your issue in Jira. You can use it together with [Measures].[Issues created] or [Measures].[Open issues] to show which status the issues are currently in. Even if you select a [Time] in Pages it will always use the current status value.

[Transition Status] is useful when you want to look at the status an issue was in at a certain point in the past. You can use it on rows with the [Time] dimension in pages and [Measures].[Issues history] on columns to see how many issues where in a status in the past.

If you don’t select any [Time] EazyBI will just return the current value so that’s why both Dimensions are often quite similar.