Store value in a variable?

Hello … I calculate a value (by ordering a filter to get the lowest date) … and I want to use it in several places in a measure. Is it possible to store the result in a variable and reuse it ?
I searched eazybi variable and didnt get anything useful to help me.
the value is the result of this:
Generate( – here we generate a set of Fix Versions either from Fix Version hierarchy or aggregated Page selection
{ [Fix Version].CurrentHierarchyMember,
ChildrenSet([Fix Version].CurrentHierarchyMember) },
– The lowest level in Fix Version dimension is Version or project in hierarchy by name
IIF([Fix Version].CurrentHierarchy.Name = “Fix Version.By name”,
Descendants([Fix Version].CurrentHierarchyMember,[Fix Version.By name].[Project]),
Descendants([Fix Version].CurrentHierarchyMember,[Fix version].CurrentHierarchy.Levels(‘Version’))
NOT isempty( [Fix Version].CurrentHierarchyMember.get(‘Start date’))), – filter only those versions with Start Date
[Fix Version].CurrentHierarchyMember.get(‘Start date’), BASC) – order them to have the lowest date first
.Item(0).get(‘Start date’), – and get this start date

Thanks in advance.

Hi @lujmo,

Creating a new calculated measure with the formula that calculates the desired value can serve as creating a “variable”.

Roberts //