Stories committed at start of sprint

I am trying to derive the total number of issues that were committed at start of sprint. I tried using the Sprint issues committed measure, but it is not returning the correct value.

Request some help!

Hi @Anushka_Saha

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Your observations are correct - sometimes, data in eazyBI and Jira are different because of approach of how data are calculated. eazyBI imports issue information, not pre-calculated data from Jira reports.

eazyBI creates sprints measures based on issue change history entries. Jira takes into account JQL query you set for a board and some other board settings and might not show issues added so sprint, even they were in the sprint.

See more details about sprint measures here:

You may want to check JQL query of a board. eazyBI ignores this filter in measures. You can add those dimensions as Pages filters to match the JQL filter criteria, for example, add Project to Pages if JQL query is based on the project.

If the results in Jira sprint and in eazyBI do not match detect at least a couple of issues eazyBI counts differently than Jira. See for more details in the History tab for those issues in Jira. If an issue was added to a sprint and was there at the moment when the sprint started we will count an issue in the sprint.

eazyBI might add done issues to the sprint as committed. Jira does not count done issues in committed, eazyBI count them in. If you have any further questions, please share more information:

  1. JQL query of the board.
  2. issue JSON that is not correctly counted in eazyBI. Open an issue in Jira and modify the URL of the issue replacing browse with rest/api/latest/issue and then add ?expand=changelog at the end of the URL. Save the JSON results of the issue as the file and send it to me.

Martins / eazyBI team

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Dear Martins,

i think, that the “Sprint issues committed” uses the date where the Sprint was “created” and NOT the date when it was “started”…
That give u a missmatch on issue count…
Usually a sprint is created e few days before “activation”… but “Sprint issues committed” counts also transitions within this period between “date of sprint creation” and “date of activation”…

How can i get a issue count from the real “activation date” from the sprint?

kind regards


Hi @wolf
Please find the documentation page about sprint scope measures
As you can see, sprint issues committed = count of issues assigned to a selected sprint at the moment when the sprint was started.

Martins / eazyBI

Dear Martins,

BUT it counts issues which are between Sprint “created” and Sprint “Startet”…
that means,

  • Sprint was created…
  • an Issue was put into the sprint
  • then the issue where “Closed” BEVORE the Sprint was Started…
  • Sprint was started → and it counts this “Closed” issue as well!

how can i get rid of these closed issues, which are closed BEVORE Sprint Start?

kind regards


You are correct about this scenario.
Try using tuples

[Measures].[Sprint issues committed]

That should return unresolved issues for the started sprint.
Martins / eazyBI

@Patrick_Wolf : You will have to ensure that you set resolutions when you closed your tickets.

Unfortunately, your scenario is more of a process issue. I understand the frustration. The team should have ensured that the closed ticket was removed from the sprint before you started it.

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