Story issues link hierarchy dashboard

We have 3 jira project A B C
Project A is key index jira project log for user story
Project B is development teams project story with detail developer work
Project C is for IT architecture management which used to log down architecture story
Story in project A will create issues link to connect with development story and architecture story.

We would like a kind of eazybi report which is able to show issues linked hierarchy and issues RAG status

A issue key. A linked to B. A linked to C
A-123 B-123 C-345
B-456 C-857

As I know there’s a product called structure seems can fulfill this function,but we team only have would like to check with jira SME.

Does it need to crest some customized field in eazybi to aggregate the issues link hierarchy and links status?

Many thanks

Hi @Geelong,

Yes, eazyBI allows creating Issue hierarchies based on issue links. It is essential, though, that each child in the B and C projects has only one parent in the A project.

Here is a good explanation from my colleague about building additional Issue hierarchies: How to create an additional issue hierarchy.

Another option is to create additional issue link dimensions where there is an option for multiple-to-multiple links, see Import issue links as dimension.

Please try this with your data, and if you have any further questions, probably best to write details about your setup to

Lauma /