Story Point change question

How is the measure Story Point change calculated?


Measure Story Points change is based on issue change history and should be used together with the Time dimension.

“Story Points change” represents by how many story points value has increased or decreased compared to previous day, week, month or year according on what level of time members you have selected for the report. Note that all changes are summed up for the selected period, and some changes are positive numbers (increase), and some changes are negative (decrease).

Please see the field definition also in the documentation: Jira Software custom fields.

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Is it possible to use Story Points change with Sprints dimension?

@DKostiuk, sure, you can use the “Sprint” dimension with the measure “Story Points change.”

I would recommend using Sprint scope measures, like Sprin Stpry Points committed, added, removed, and completed, to see the Story point change. Here is the list of sprint scope measures and the meaning of each: Sprint scope measures.

You may check out the Sprint dashboard in the Demo account to get some ideas on how to analyze Story point changes in sprints:

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