Story points assigned by assignee chart or table


I am new to this community and EazyBi in general.

I run a content team, and use Jira to mange requests, using story points as our sizing measure. We do not use sprints. I also only manage one board within our Jira project, so all data must be from this sub section of the project identified by a custom field “Team”.

I would like to create a chart for the sum of story points by assignee for all issues for our “Team”, for all issues with the status’ that do not = ‘done’.

Can someone please help?

Hi @Steven_Gallardo

Welcome to eazyBI community!
Story points could be used also if you do not have Sprints.

If “Team” is issue custom field, import it as a dimension:
Also, import Story points as a measure:

Then, in the report, use newly imported dimension “Team” with measure “Story points created” to get all story points by teams. If you want to get resolved story points by teams, use “Story points resolved” (and “Story points due” for unresolved story points).

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