Story Points at the time a Sprint Starts & best way to Calculate Scope Creep when Issues are Reassigned

Hello all,

Wondering if it is possible to get the story points for the time the sprint starts.

[Measures].[Sprint Story Points committed] gives the points at the end of the day so this ignores the scope creep that happens after the sprint has started and before the end of the day (if I understand correctly)

RE scope creep, right now I am calculating like this:
[Measures].[Story Points created] -
[Measures].[Sprint Story Points committed]

This is because [Measures].[Sprint Story Points change] doesn’t factor in when points have been reassigned (if it is created in the sprint as unassigned and then moved to someone, it will remain unassigned. Similarly if someone moves a story from their queue to another’s the assignee never changes.

Appreciate any help – or any other ways people have worked around this

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Actually, that is not quite right about Sprint Story Points committed (except if you use some old versoin of eazyBI).

By definition that is a total of Story Points from issues assigned to a selected sprint at the time when the sprint was started. Story points are counted from issues, whether there were completed or not at the start of the sprint. Actions happened after the sprint was started (issues added, removed, story point changes etc) are not taken into account when the committed points are calculated.

The measure is calculated only in a single sprint level; for totals, a calculated measure should be created.

You may want to read our documentation page about Sprint related measures:

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