Story Points Burndown by Sprints for Epic - no results

Hi to all

I would like to craete a Story Points Burndown by Sprints for Epics as described in the following example.

But unfortunatly i get no results for the additional defined calculated members. ‘Work resolved in sprint’, etc.
I can list all sprint and story point. But the calculated field won’t show any content.

Is there something to check? For Epics we have a separate jira-project.

Thanks for any help.

eazyBI 4.5.4
JIRA 7.9.2

Hi @Roman_Joss,

I understand that Sprints, story points, and sprint specific measures are imported in eazyBI and you are having trouble with a particular report (

To understand why the calculated measure “Work resolved in sprint” returns no data, you might want to break it down it by components and see which part is missing. The calculation refers to Sprint start and end dates, resolved story points, and added story points; so you can test each of them separately.

  1. Create a new report from scratch. Set Epic Link and Sprint dimensions on rows and Measures on columns. For testing purposes chose one epic, so you could follow the data.

  2. Add properties Sprint start date, Sprint end date, Sprint completion date to the columns and check whether sprint has a start date and completion date or end date. Sprint should have two dates to define an interval for “Work resolved in sprint”.
    If the start date is missing or one of the end dates, then measure “Work resolved in sprint” can not return data.

  3. Define a new calculated measure in Measures and paste in the expression
    [Measures].[Story Points added]
    to validate whether each sprint has any story points related to it.
    If there is no value for the sprint, then measure “Work resolved in sprint” can not return data.

  4. Define a new calculated measure in Measures and paste in the expression
    ([Measures].[Story Points resolved],[Sprint].DefaultMember)
    to validate whether there are any resolved story points for selected Epic link.
    If there is no value for the sprint, then measure “Work resolved in sprint” can not return data.

At the end your testing report might look like this:

You may find it useful to check out 25 min of video training on how to debug calculated measure. It covers some of the techniques I have mentioned in more detail:

I would strongly recommend updating eazyBI to the latest version 5.0.4 as there have been many usability and functionality improvements, and bug fixes since version 4.5.4. For more details, check out changelog:

Zane /

Hello Zane
Many thanks for your detailed answer. I will check this tomorrow and i will come back.

HI Zane,
Just a quick question regarding the [Story points added] measure. Is it hidden?? I noticed that it’s used in the calculated measures [Sprint story points added] and [Sprint Story Points committed] but it doesn’t show up as a measure when creating a new calculated measure (see pic) and does not give an error when used.

What is this measure? Why is it hidden? And what value is it returning? I can’t find ANY documentation about it.

Thanks for your help.

Screen Shot 2020-09-10 at 5.45.55 PM

Hi @jrjanis,

You are right, measure “Story Points added” is hidden and for a good reason. This measure is based on issue change history and should be used with hidden dimension “Transition Field” to capture the Story Points value during the chosen activity (
You can see a usage example in measure “Sprint Story Points committed”.
In other words, a user should have some understanding of available data in the data cube, how historical measures work, and how to write MDX to use measure “Story Points added”.

We updated the documentation as well and added a description of hidden measures:

Zane /

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