Story points calculation without duplication

Hello eazyBI Community,
Can not come up with the formula that will sum up story points (efforts estimate) for users stories from different arrays with an intersection of values.
Will explain it here:

  1. Array 1 - 10 user stories
  2. Array 2 - 7 user stories

There are 3 user stories that belong both Array 1 and Array 2.
I need to calculate summary for both arrays excluding duplication in a way story points for these 3 user stories calculated once. The main thing is that I need summary of story points (not user stories).
Here (Adding 2 measures and not showing duplicate results) I fond how to exclude duplication of user stories but this formula does not work to sum story points for user stories.

The user case - sometimes “Sprint story points removed” and “Sprint story points not completed” have intersections on user stories. Summary of both will show real picture on kind of spillovers for the sprint.

Hi @Konstantin_Frolov!

When using the Sum function, you would give a set of members over which to sum the numeric value. You can apply both set (array) criteria to the Filter or Generate functions that would render the set, and it would exclude the duplicates.

Let me know if I missed something and you have some further questions!
Lauma /