Story points completed within Sprint dates

Hi I am fairly new to eazyBI, had used another BI tool before, still trying to understand grasp the concepts better. I am trying create a calculated measure to get the story points that are done( defined as development done, SIT done, UAT done) within a particular sprint duration for a velocity chart. Problem is when I create a report, there could be cases where the story points are completed outside of that sprint dates but still recorded within that sprint number. Does that make any sense?

Hi, @bhtan

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To count the story points resolved that are done within a particular sprint duration, please consider using the function DateMembersBetween: DateMembersBetween

As for the date interval in this function, use Sprint Start Date and Sprint End Date and count the story points resolved (ignoring the Sprint). The formula should look something like this:

    [Measures].[Sprint start date],
    [Measures].[Sprint end date]
  ([Measures].[Story Points resolved],

Please choose the Formatting - Decimal:

Please check our DEMO account reports: Sprint velocity chart - Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI