Story Points Completed


I am trying to get the Story Points(SP) that are in Done( with customized done statuses) from those that are in Final committed.

Final Committed SP = Initial Committed SP + Scope Change SP

For example, in the Final Committed SP list of 10 stories+tasks, I would like to get the total SP which are in my customized Done status in a sprint. The default story points closed’ cannot be used as it does not reflect what i see in the Sprint Report.

I tried to create a measure
( [Measure].[Final Committed SP],
[Transition Status].[Statuses Category(Done)) but the sum of SP is not the same in the Sprint Report

The Statuses Category is an Aggregate of different statuses.

Not sure if my question is clear. Hope it is somewhat clear.


Hi @bhtan

Sprint custom field in Jira will show currently active sprint and any previous sprint an issue was at the moment when the sprint was completed. eazyBI shows value in property Issue sprint for the last/current sprint only.

eazyBI creates sprints measures based on issue change history entries. Jira takes into account JQL query you set for a board and some other board settings and might not show issues added so sprint, even they were in the sprint.

See more details about sprint measures here:

if that didn’t help please reach out to and provide your report definition (exported to a text file) that would show more details about your current formulas for Initial Committed SP and Scope Change SP as well as the structure of the report (rows, columns, page filters etc).

Martins / eazyBI