Story points resolved/closed not being calculated correctly - how come?

Hi, i am reusing one of the demo charts xxx
I noticied that results for issue created, story points created and resolved are inaccurate for the epics. Now sure why.
Example in the screenshot, this epic:

  1. Is 30 story points - which is correct
  2. Has 8 Tasks under it
  3. The total of the Tasks story points are 2.7 - in the screenshot, it only shows 0.5

Why is that? thanks for helping

Hi @Meytal-BM,

In the Issue dimension, the epic issue might appear under several projects if the epic child issues are from another protect than the epic itself. The measure values like “Issues created” and “Story Points created” would be split by projects according to the projects of each individual issue.
On the other hand, “Issue Story Points” is an issue property and would show the value assigned to the epic issue itself regardless of the context (project in issue hierarchy).
More details of differences between properties and measures are explained in this training video; please watch the first 7 minutes: Training videos on specific topics

If you would like to see the Epic issue only once in the Issue dimension and aggregate its Stroy Points regardless of projects, consider creating a new hierarchy without Projects in the Issue dimension.
Please see the example “Epics without projects” in the documentation: Additional Issue hierarchies.

Zane /

@zane.baranovska thats for your reply. I read your response and looked at the first 7min of the video and it makes sense, and I do not pick Project hierarchy, but epic. It fetches all Task from “BA-x” project, but not Service Requests from “BASD-x” project under BA-1026 Epic. You can see the screenshots.

What am i doing wrong?