Story points transitioned to UAT status

I am trying to create a bar chart that shows how many story points were transitioned to UAT status per sprint. I already have a calculated field for the amount of issues:

( [Measures].[Transitions to],
[Transition].[Testing => Ready for UAT

All issues have the field story points populated.
Now I need to calculate the sum of story points of the transitioned issues.

Any help is appreciated!

Maybe try a custom measure such as:
([Measures].[Story Points created], [Issue Type].[Story], [Status].[Ready for UAT]) +
([Measures].[Story Points created], [Issue Type].[Story], [Status].[In Progress UAT])+
([Measures].[Story Points created], [Issue Type].[Story], [Status].[Completed])

@mcondon77 thank you very much, I’ll try that! :+1:t2: