Story points transitioned to UAT status

I am trying to create a bar chart that shows how many story points were transitioned to UAT status per sprint. I already have a calculated field for the amount of issues:

( [Measures].[Transitions to],
[Transition].[Testing => Ready for UAT

All issues have the field story points populated.
Now I need to calculate the sum of story points of the transitioned issues.

Any help is appreciated!

Maybe try a custom measure such as:
([Measures].[Story Points created], [Issue Type].[Story], [Status].[Ready for UAT]) +
([Measures].[Story Points created], [Issue Type].[Story], [Status].[In Progress UAT])+
([Measures].[Story Points created], [Issue Type].[Story], [Status].[Completed])

@mcondon77 thank you very much, I’ll try that! :+1:t2:


The most efficient solution for this use case would require to use the hidden measure and dimension for precise tracking of the status changes of the issues during the sprint.

The following formula should do that:

( [Measures].[Story Points added],
 [Transition Status].[Ready for UAT],
 [Transition field].[Status])

This formula expects that you are using the Sprint dimension in your report.
There can be other solutions, but formulas with tuples are most efficient.


Janis, eazyBI

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Hey Janis, sorry for the late reply… thank you very much for the example. I’ve built it in and it seems to do what I’m expecting! Very helpful, thank you again!

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