Storypoints transitioned to a status in a sprint


I’m trying to produce a graph to show:

  1. Number of tickets moved to ‘Ready to deploy’ status each sprint
  2. Number of storypoints on tickets moved to ‘Ready to deploy’ each sprint

The number of tickets is working correctly however am having trouble with the number of storypoints as it is only showing for half my sprints

I’m using this calculated member formula to try and get the number of storypoints:
[Measures].[Transitions to status]>0
([Measures].[Story Points created],
[Transition Status].DefaultMember)

Does anyone know why this is happening or what i’m doing wrong?


@hannah what’s the outcome of “story points created” for the sprints that are not showing right?

@Mauro_Bennici do you mean specifically in the ready to deploy status? It appears to be 0

@hannah no I mean generally for the sprint.
To get what’s wrong you could try the following:

  1. see what’s the result of “transition to status > 0” for the sprints you get 0 story points
  2. see what’s the result of “story points created” for the same sprints

then you’ll understand what your measure gets to.
Just to ask, are the sprints closed?

@Mauro_Bennici when i look at the “storypoints created” and “story points transition” for the problem sprints it is 0 and I can’t work out why as I am seeing values for these measures for the other sprints

Yes the sprints are all closed

if for those sprints the “story point created” measure is 0, nothing you wrote will give else but zero :smiley:
Are you sure the issues in those sprints were created there and not i.e. dragged from previous sprints? Does your workflow have a resolution status?

@Mauro_Bennici - i’m not sure if storypoints created is what I should be using then :disappointed: Even if a ticket was created in a previous sprint but moved to ready to deploy in a later sprint I would want the storypoints to be counted in the later sprint where the ticket had been moved to ready to deploy. Are you aware of a better measure to use? I’m new to eazyBi so am still trying to get my head around it!

In terms of resolution we have ‘Ready to deploy’ and then moved to our resolution status of ‘Done’

Thanks for your help!

If you need the total of story points in the sprint, you can use “story points at closing”, it gives you the total of the story points that somehow went through the sprint.
Give it a try!

@Mauro_Bennici ah i updates story points created to story points at closing and it’s worked!! thank you for your help!

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