Subtasks are empty

I’m struggling with data import from jira:
I have tasks with subtasks, each subtask is of different issue type.

Without nonempty selected, I can see all tasks and subtasks.
When I select “nonempty”, I can see only the task and the first subtask. The second and following subtasks are not shown.

This have also impact on calculations. I’m calculating, how long was each subtask in “In Progress” status … and it works for the first one only.

I’m not sure, what I’m missing.

Nonempty will show only Rows that has some value in any default imported measure from section Select members (issues created, issues resolved, transitions to, transitions from, etc.) based on dimension selections on Pages.

There could be a case, that some (first) sub-task matches pages filters and others not.

We would need more information about this use case to provide a more detailed answer. Report definition and the screenshot of the report is the first ones to check.

In some cases, we ask for particular issue details from Jira as well.

Daina /