Suggestion: Samples of all the Jira reports in eazyBI

All of the current Jira reports should have equivalent report samples created in eazyBI and shared on eazyBI Community. This would make transitioning much easier and improve the filtering and formatting options available.

The customers’ needs vary so much form content type to level of granularity, and honestly, eazyBI reports just look cleaner! Samples of all the current reports with 1:1 recreations would save hours for agile teams across hundreds of organizations.

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thanks for your suggestion. I wanted to ask if you have checked our demo account where are eazyBI JIRA report examples? In this demo account, we have created similar reports of what can be found in JIRA, so users of eazyBI can use them by exporting and importing the definition.
But if you have checked them and didn’t find what you are looking for then maybe you can share what it was so we could improve our examples and documentation?

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Also Sample reports are created automatically if this option is selected in Data import. This will add a set of reports created by eazyBI and will enable you to have a first look at your data in eazyBI. Imported Sample reports depends on which apps you have in your Jira.
Youu can find description about them in eazyBI documentation - Learn eazyBI through Sample reports - eazyBI for Jira

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