Sum custom field grouped by category

Hello. I need help to sum a set of calculated fields based on a category and display it in a Gauge. I have tried creating Tuples as below
([Measures].[Issue Story Points],
[CustomField].[Custom Value]
While this works partly in a table, with a gauge, the results are blank even when I choose Projects in the rows. I have also tried using the Custom fields directly in the gauge and while it works and returns the sum, it does not have a way by which I can customise it on category. In addition, there exists a mismatch in sum, for some custom fields.

What I am trying to achieve is below: Any help is appreciated. Thanks!!

Hi @Sridhar_Venkataraman ,

You reached out to the eazyBI support directly with the same question. Please find below the suggested answer:

You use the issue property “Issue Story Points” in your calculation. This issue property returns the number of Story Points in a particular issue only when the Issue dimension “Issue” level member is in the report. To see the numeric value summed up across Projects, I recommend using the measure “Story Points created” instead. Please see more details about the differences between measures and properties here - Main concepts.

Roberts //