Sum items within the hierarchy

In the hierarchy we currently have, there are Jira issuetypes of type Initiatives that split into Epics and epics split into stories.

We have a table with a column counting the days that the issues were “in progress” to understand the delivery effort we had for an objective/initiative.

In this case, we just want the effort number of the delivery items (stories and tasks) and that this effort is added and is in front of its parent’s line.

We don’t want the days of initiatives and epics issuetypes to be added up, just the effort of the children of those items and that effort of the children to be added and reflected in their parent.

As in the image above, there are 16 days of effort in the task and 12 more days in the story, both are children of the epic, in this case the days of effort for the epic would be 28, but as EazyBI is still adding to the days that the epic got “in progress” he da 39, this also happens when an initiative.

I would like to understand where I can add this condition of not considering the effort of issues like initiatives and epics because they are strategic views and just adding up the numbers of their children, collapsing both from stories to epics and from epics to your initiative.

Hi @Leonardo_Sciola

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You can achieve this by defining a new calculated measure in which you can use a tuple to limit the scope of issues returned.
First, in your Issue type dimension define a new calculated member “Children types”(or however you want to name it) with the following formula:

    [Issue Type].[Issue Type].Members, 
    {[Issue Type].[Epic],
    [Issue Type].[Initiative]}

This member will Aggregate all the issue types Except for the “Epic” and “Initiative” types.
Next, define a new calculated measure in your Measures dimension using this newly created member in a tuple together with your existing Effort measure:

  [Measures].[Effort (Total in Workdays)],
  [Issue Type].[Children types]

Use this measure instead of your existing Effort measure to return only Effort from children issues.

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