Sum numeric field at parent, component and project level

Hi guys, hope you are doing great.

I’m using a number custom field in my project (usually completed in the sub-tasks) and I would like to see the sum of that field at issue parent, component and project level.

In other words, it would be something very similar to the report I can create for the hours spent (see the image), but instead of using the hours spent member i want to use a numeric custom field.

Thank you in advance for your help.


to get issues by components, just add Issue dimension in the report rows, together with Project dimension. Or, if this report is too long (because of too many issues), use Drill across function over Issues to detail selected component.
It should work for both: standard custom fields like Hours spent, as well as custom field measures.

As each issue can be assigned to several components, creating a new issue hierarchy with components won’t be the best way to go.