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Am using the JIRA Field Benefit for declaring a Numeric Value. In a EBI report I would like to have the sum of all Benefits calculated (in a Total row).

Searched for a hint in this community but did not find anything so far.

Can anyone be of help?

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Hi @michele.piu,

Jira custom fields could be imported into eazyBI as properties, measures or dimension according to the custom field type (text, number, date, single-select or multi-select field etc.). There you will find more information on how to import custom fields into eazyBI.

I understand that custom field Benefit is a numeric field in Jira. In this case, you should select it for data import into eazyBI as property and as measure. During data import, eazyBI will generate several measures, like, Benefit created and Benefit resolved.

In the report, you should use custom field measure Benefit created (Measures -> Select member -> Custom fields) to get the sum of all Benefit values.

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Hello @zane.baranovska

Many thx for answer. I tried it out and it worked well. But what does the annex to the Benefit Field : Intcreated mean?

We have set a calculated Member in in Measures and i tried to find the correct Formula in order to have a more understandable Coloumn with the sum.

Can u provide me of the formula i need to insert in order to have the same result as by using the BenefitIntcreated Measure?

Thx again and best regards.


Hi @michele.piu,

When importing custom fields as measures, then eazyBI generates a set of measures, like “<Custom field name> created”, “<Custom field name> resolved”. More details what measures are generated described in the documentation:

Your use case with measure BenefitIntcreated is unusual. Could you send additional information with screenshots to

  1. Custom field configuration in Jira.
  2. How does this custom field look in eazyBI import options, tab Custom fields?
  3. What measures are generated in eazyBI after data import?

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