Sum of business value on project level

I need to sum up the business value for given month on project level.
I have been able to create a table for each issue and their business value but I need to make a sum of each month’s business value on project level and for a specific transition, see red text.

The table looks like this:


I have at Row: Issue, Time and Transition
I have at Column: Measures



From recommended topics in this thread I tried following code:

Sum (Filter(
Descendants( [Issue].[Month].CurrentMember, [Issue].[Issue])),
[Measures].[Issue Business Value] > 0),
[Measures].[Issue Business Value]

But this only sum the total business value of the whole project not per month.
Could you please help me to get this right?



Solution # 1
Could you please create a Aggregate function based on issue.? so that it will sum total number of issues

Solution # 2
Please select the issues based on project level, then it will sum it. if you expand u will see “Issue Business Value”
You can do this from Issues -> All Hierarchy level members -> Project

Hope this will help you

Dear Ram,
Solution #1 - I don’t understand how to do that since I’m quite new to EazyBI. Could you give me example?

Solution #2 - The problem is that Project doesn’t seem to have any relation to Issue Business Value so the cell becomes empty. It is only Issue that have relation to Issue Business Value. Project have relation to Business Value Created, but that means that I only can get the value and date when it is created. I want to have the actual value when the Issue goes from one state to another (B3 -> B4) and from my try outs I can only get that value from Issue Business Value.

Hope It will be eazy for you to implement Solution No 2.

Please find the screen shot.

In Issue level, Select Issue from (All Hierarchy level members), if you do that, it will sum based on issue

Hope this helps

if you still face the problem, could you please share the screenshot of your EazyBI report.?


Dear Ram,

Your suggestion doesn’t seem to solve the problem for me. I attach two screen shots. One that shows the table and one that shows the code I used to get the last column, but this code only sum the total Issue Business Value for the whole project, not per month which I intend to get.


So I would like to get a sum on each NMT CRM row for each month and then be able to collapse so I only see the NMT CRM rows for each month.



We tried in our local instance, and it was working fine with the above provided change. Could you please share me your measure “Issue Business Value”.?


Dear Ram,

Here is the Issue Business Value measure:

[Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.get(‘Business Value’)


Dear Ram, any feedback on this issue?

Could you please contact EazyBI Support team by email.? Hope they will resolve the issue…

Sorry for the delayed response…

The report uses historical dimension Transitions. Only historical measures work with this dimension. Measure Business Value created is not a historical measure and therefore will give empty results for a particular Transition.
See more about historical measures and dimensions here.

If you are importing value changes for Business Value, you should have a set of visible and hidden historical mesures.

You can use hidden measure Business Value added in a tuple with hidden dimension Transition field member Status to get a value of custom field Business Value at the moment of this status change.

([Measures].[Business Value added],
[Transition Field].[Status])

There could be many ways how you would like to count value changes, therefore we do not have all combination of values as default visible measures.

Measure Issue Business Value is a property. It will always give you a current value of the field on issue level no matter what dimension selections you have in a report. However, the properties do not have totals on Projects and All Issue levels. Therefore you should apply an aggregation for the calculation on Issue level using some measure as a filter.

[Measures].[Trasitions to status]>0
[Measures].[Issue Business Value]

The formula above will give you a sum of current Business value for issues with a particular transition at a selected period.

Please take into account. The calculations on issue level could require a lot of memory and could timeout. We suggest running calculations on issues in accounts with a small issue set or add some optimizations based on a report.

Daina /

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Thank you Diana for the reply!
I got the same solution presented to me by Martins Vanags from your support team som time ago.
Sorry for not including the solution in this thread.
It worked well for me so I’m really happy for your support.


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