Sum of Column for each sub dimension

Hi, i would like to get the results as shown in the image. I am trying to get the sum of Column X in Column Y for each “All Sub Team”.

Column X is a case when statement for Status with “Sustainable”. The MDX is as such:

(case when SetToStr([Status].CurrentMember) = “{[Status].[Sustainable]}”
then 1

Column Y is trying to get the sum of “Sustainable” for each Sub Team. The MDX is as such:

Descendants([Sub Team].CurrentMember, [Sub Team].[Sub Team]),
[Measures].[Column X]

Would appreciate help on this. Thank you!

Hi @whosiao ,
Here is a formula that you can use in your report without the “Status” dimension. It counts how many “Sub Team” members have the status “In progress”.

      Descendants([Sub Team].CurrentMember,[Sub Team].[Sub Team]),
      ([Measures].[Issues created],
      [Status].[In Progress])>0

Kind regards,

Gerda //