Sum of Hours spent depending on measure value

Hi all,
I am trying to figure out how to sum hours spent depending on the outcome of a measure in another column.
Cost Center Sum
‘All cost center’ determines the cost center based on certain criteria and I was not able to import it as a dimension.
What I want to accomplish is to sum the second column’s values depending on which cost center is in the first column.
I hope someone might help me with this.

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Hi Qiy,

I have some question for undestand the context.

How this data is registered in your Jira? This information is a custom field in the issue?
If is a custom field is a single list or another type?

Where you register the hour? In issue ou sub-task?

Best Regards

Hi @Qiy,

Dimensions are the best tool to group data in the report and get aggregated values for measures.

  1. You might want to import “Cost Center” as dimension and set it on your report rows.

  2. Set measure “Hours spent” on report columns. eazyBI will automatically sum up all spent hours by each cost center.

Zane /