Sum of measure group by member

Hi there,

I’m new with EazyBI and I need to create a report to sum “issue OOM Est. days” group by Clients
I started with 2 dimensions “Issue” , “Client - Business Unit” and a measure ([Measures].[Issue OOM Est. Days] = [Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.get(‘OOM Est. Days’)

My code is the following:
OOM Mandays =
Filter(Descendants([Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember,[Issue].[Issue]), [Measures].
[Issue OOM Est. Days]>0)
, [Measures].[Issue OOM Est. Days]

But the result is always the sum of all at the client level

Could you please help me with the correct code I should use?
Many thanks for your help!

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Hi all,
Do you have any idea?
I tried many ways but didn’t work so far

Hi @Duy_Huynh!

We discussed this in direct communication, but I will post the conclusion here for the community.

The calculation lacks context as there are only properties used. But as you are importing the OOM Est. days custom field as a measure, I would suggest using one of the custom field total measures created already for you, e.g., OOM Est. days created. More details about the numeric custom field total values.

Lauma /