Sum of spent hours in portfolio hierarchy

Hi there,
i am wondering if someone could help me with the following problem:
I’ve built a portfolio structure where I use issuetype Change Request as a Feature Epic and I do have epics below that feature epic which consists of many stories/tasks and maybe subtasks.
I would like to generate a report where I select my account and this shows me all change requests for this customer. as a measure I would like to display the hours spent for each change request.
Any idea how I could create this calculated measure?
thx, cheers Mike

Hi @MikeM
Welcome to the eazyBI support!

You may want to import the Portfolio Parent link field into eazyBI (additionally to Epik link, if used), and you will get a new Issue dimension hierarchy you may want to use for aggregating values (including Hours spent) similarly to any other hierarchy.
Read here how to import Portfolio hierarchy:

Ilze /