Sum of stories's Story Points


I have a lot of EPICS, each has multiple stories. I’m looking to compute the Sum of the stories 's “Story Points”. Example


  • Story 1 : 5 story points
  • Story 2 : 3 story points


  • Story 3 : 2 story points
  • Story 4 : 1 story points

So, the result would be:

Epic1: 8 story points
Epic2 : 3 story points

It is critical to only use the “Issues In Epic” link and not all the other kind of links (parent, blocked, …).
Do you have any idea to compute this ?


Hi @cdemez
You can use Epic hierarchy from the “Issue” dimension together with the measure “Story Points created” to see the aggregated values at the upper level. To have the Epic hierarchy in your Issue dimension, you need to select “Epic link” in your eazyBI data source options.

Gerda //

HI, been trying this approach. which works ok but if I wanted to filter on epics , how can i do this without filtering out the stories the are children of the epic in the hierarchy?


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Hi @mick ,
In that case, you can create an Epic Link field, so you can filter your report by epic field values, see more in the documentation: Issue link field dimensions