Sum of Story Points of issues in a second level link


I am struggling a bit with a user defined calculated member in eazyBI. In our project in JIRA we have a custom issue called “PI Objective”. PI Objective issues are linked with “is implemented by” to “Features” and finally these features are linked with “is implemented by” to “stories”. I know this is probably not the best way to do it but we have a rigid configuration in JIRA because it is used by several projects. So we have to survive with that.

What I want is to sum the total amount of Story Points resolved and remaining per PI objective. Those Story Points are assigned to the “stories”. So I need to go through two levels of links to achieve it. I already imported the link “is implemented by” to eazyBI.

Find an example below:

PI Objective A:

  • Feature A: Story A (5SP - To Do), Story B (8SP - Done)
  • Feature B: Story C (13SP - Done), Story D (1SP - Done), Story E (3SP - In progress)

PI Objective B:

  • Feature C: Story F (5SP - In Progress)
  • Feature D: Story G (10SP - Done), Story H (5SP - Done)
  • Feature E: Story I (1SP - To Do), Story J (13SP - To Do)

What I want is to achieve the following:

Story Points resolved PI Objective A: 22
Story Points remaining PI Objective A: 8
Story Points resolved PI Objective B: 15
Story Points remaining PI Objective B: 19

Could you help me with this topic?

Thank you very much in advance!


Hi @German,

It looks like you have a specific way of linking issues that resemble the hierarchy.
PI Objective → Feature → Story

The hierarchies in eazyBI are very powerful and automatically sum up measure values (like Story Points) at higher levels.

You might consider building a new hierarchy in the “Issue” dimension that would arrange issues in several hierarchy levels: PI Objective → Feature → Story (and other issue types) → Sub-tasks.

Please see this Commuity post for more details and examples on the issue hierarchies:

Zane /

I have a similar use case. I have added an additional custom hierarchy to reflect the model in this thread, but unfortunately I still have an outstanding issue with the output. In most cases the Epic only contributes to a single PI Objective, but in some limited cases, I need an Epic to contribute to multiple. I am experimenting with using an Issue Links dimension instead of hierarchy, much like the “Story with Bugs details” report in the demo instance, but I would like to calculate the roll up metrics, at least at the Epic level.

Any ideas?

@Jordan_Wilkinson, if one epic could be linked to several PI Objectives, then the custom hierarchy is not supported, and import of issue links (Import issue links) is the right approach.

To get aggregated results by epics, use the “Issue” dimension with selected Epic hierarchy.
check out this epic report example in Demo account to better understand how data are aggregated for epics: Issue Epic hierarchy - Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI

Zane Support.