Sum rollup from children Jira issues to Parent issue

I am new to easyBi and could use some major help! In my Jira instance I have Initiatives with Capability children. I also have a custom dropdown field on Capabilities called DPM that are integers. I am trying to sum together this field value on all Capabilities within an Initiative and have the answer to that sum shown as the value in this column on my easyBi table for Initiatives. The current easyBi table I have has 7 Initiatives, each with their own Capability children. I’m having issues getting the sum to roll up to the Initiative parents. Any suggestions?

Hi @mmstovall1337,

First, I recommend verifying if the Initiatives are tied to the Capabilities. Suppose you are using Advanced Roadmaps for Jira to build the relation in Jira. In that case, you can import that hierarchy into the eazyBI Issue dimension. See more details here - Advanced Roadmaps custom fields.

If the issues are linked with issue links, the hierarchy must be built manually - Additional Issue hierarchies.

After that, make sure the integer field is imported as a measure. The values from children will sum up to the parents with the Issue dimension hierarchy. Please see an example below, where eazyBI sums up the Story points from the Epic children:

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